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The Mountains are Calling
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Tawny/Soup | INTJ | Kinetic Learner | She/her | 20
Hey there! I'm Soup (or Tawny, if you prefer). Welcome to my profile!
Here you will find animations, lots of OC art, character designs, etc. Currently I am at University studying animation ;w;

I run my own webcomic, currently in Chapter 3, called Timezone! Please give it a read by clicking the image below if you are interested 8w8

Or help to support the comic by visiting my Ko-Fi
^(click the button above)^

You can also find me on twitter!
Twitter -

Help Timezone get more viewers:

Voting is free and helps me out a ton!!! <3
(You can vote every 24 hours)

Want to buy something from my storenvy, but can't pay with card/paypal? Contact me asking to buy with points! ($1=100pts) I'll also let you know when the order has shipped ^w^

.: Read the comments :. Stamp by Beti-Kot Stamp - GIYF by firstfear Stamp - Watch Me by firstfear

Art made
by StarFaky -->

My Griffians!

To-Do List

~~ TO-DO LIST ~~


Button - Unpaid by happy-gurlPapplePie x04 Bagbutt Icons
Button - Paid by happy-gurlJeannVegas Various Comms:
x02 Fullbody Flat Colours
x02 Fullbody Coloured+Shaded
x01 Conbadge (Laminated and Shipped)
+01 Charmifying of one Fullbody Comm ^^^
Button - Unpaid by happy-gurlCROWKLNG Tile Comm


1 - Work on Timezone updates (FOREVER)
2 - Work on Animation Classwork (Sorta Forever)

(Just so I don't forget about things I've commissioned/etc!)

None right now!

Button - Unpaid by happy-gurl Button - Paid by happy-gurl



I thought I may as well give this a shot because I haven't really been using these designs 88w88 like, at all, and you never know.

LowResRef7348 by TawnySoup


I love the design of this baby a lot and I've been holding onto them,
waiting to see if anything happens with the Crederia ARPG so I can use them,
but I realise even then that I'm a lot more involved with the Bagbeans
ARPG anyway. I've drawn them once, and they have one more additional
piece of art, but are otherwise untouched.
I don't believe Crederia has a masterlist for proof of ownership, however I
am in possession of the high quality design image, which will be given
to you upon trading.
(Watermark - TaiintySoup is my previous username)

Painted Brute fumi 082 by LEX-dex

Fumi Dragon - Brute

This is a similar deal to the Leloko - I've been holding onto the design for
the ARPG, but I haven't seen enough to make me want to take part yet.
I'm tentative as the ARPG looks at least a little bit more engaging than Crederia
atm, but considering Fumi's are a bit easier to get your hands on, I don't feel
as worried about putting them up for potential trade.
They are a Painted Brute and have A LOT of mutations, proof of ownership here:
Painted Brute fumi 082
(Current Owner - TaiintySoup is my previous username)


Probably uninteresting, but I also have a few designs of species that have been
somewhat abandoned, if anyone's collecting. I have a Nebunine, a Cryptpip, Seam Ripper,
a Koa, Furrafins, and a Byubuu that I'm tentative over. I also have some self-designed
old Griffsnuff species, as well as a character design by her that cannot be used in
the ARPG, unfortunately...
And, of course, I can create customs of my own species if you are interested (Cuillecks,
Vulcators, Plumadra, Venunchors, though these species are mostly unusable,
unfortunately 8m8) as well as custom creature/animal/human designs.
You can also offer for any design in this folder:…
Sorry this section is so poor, but I thought I may as well mention it in case
anyone is interested.


1. Any Type of Dom/Main, Semi-Main or Titan Griffians

-Guardians, Bavoms and Fashion Fishys are less desired, but I'll take a look at them.

2. Any Type of Griffia Companions

I will not accept them on their own unless there is multiple of them offered.
Most interested in Facets, Ursaraptors, Terrakami, Relics, Seashimi, Whaps, Strapea,
Geotura, Mycakit, Large Paraglires, and Griffons, but feel free to offer anything!

3. Griffian Items

Better as add-ons than standalone offers.
Offer me anything, though I'm interested in Mutation, Form, and Dye items the most.
AND OF COURSE LOVEBEANS!!! It's highly unlikely I'll be offered one, but I'm on the search
primarily for a common lovebean, an item lovebean, and a love box at the moment.
I may also accept sums of GC/SC, but I am unsure as to whether I will be allowed to
accept them as it technically counts as monetary gain, which the TOS for the Leloko at
least I know bans, though I'm unsure about the Fumi.

Please comment or note me with offers. Please do not lowball me, or offer unrelated things such as art and non-griffian designs. I cannot accept money for these two species designs, either, unfortunately. I will hide comments that offer things I asked not to be offered, but I will not hide normal comments, so feel free to chat or ask questions <3
Please look here for my design…
And also, sorry I respond to you late! My internet is a little wobbly atm 8w8


TawnySoup has started a donation pool!
0 / 420,420,420
Pay for a Panel - Points Fundbox!
Points aren't as important as real money is, but I can always use it to help advertise my work 8w8 so even little contributions are appreciated <3
And, of course, your icon will be featured in this box when you donate!!!
Want to donate $$$ to help with the creation to Timezone (the webcomic)? Then please click the Ko-Fi button below!

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My profile is way too goddamn long but i guess that suits me
Whenever i think of writing/making something short i inevitably end up dragging it out into some stupid long thing, like in my upload descriptions and in my griffian trial steps and in
this status
Tawny, you vanished!! Don't worry 8w8 I've had no internet (none!!! my mobile data allowance was used up, we don't have wifi at home, and mom was away with her own phone's hotspot) for about 4 days. I would have gone to my sister's for connection if someone didn't have to be here to take care of the animals. I've only got an hour to use right now, so I will disappear again soon, but if you were wondering why I'd vanished, that's why! So glad to see everything's cool and happy around here still <3
I may be somewhat inactive for the next couple days because I need to pack up my entire room and get it home (200 miles away) in one piece, haha! 8w8 So if u'r wanting a comm/waiting for one it might be a little wait before I can get back to you next.

I've been tweeting more lately so if u wanna keep an eye on how alive I am at the time I'd suggest taking a look at my twitter xD -

Now, time to download tonnes of emergency videos/music because there's no internet at home TTwTT just my limited data.
Somehow the bird animation I posted yesterday hit the front page? I wanna be happy but... I posted the same animation like, 2 months ago! And nobody gave a crud then? Bah, guess that's preview up-sizing for you. It's cool that it hit the front page, just wish it hadn't ended up being the comm one eheh TTwTT
THE BEST BAE IS HERE!!! AaaaAA!!! BeefBirb is having a go at reviving her deviantArt account!! She uploaded the adorable Roodchy model she made for me to start off 8w8 <3 Please go give it a look and a fav if you have the time, her work is fantastic!!!
Best Present for the Best Meme by BeefBirb

Timezone Support - If you HAD to donate to one, Ko-fi or Patreon? 

63 deviants said Patreon!
55 deviants said Ko-fi!




:iconcuilleckcanyon: :icontaiintyspecies:


:icondraggonii: :iconlynxonprowl: :iconshadobaso: :iconminidragonfly: :iconlocketlockprodutions:


Please note, I am a very shy and sensitive person ;~; I don't take kindly to questions I have already answered or are just plain silly, so please search for the answer on my profile or through google before asking me anything.

There is a high chance I won't respond to your comment, but it will get read! I am just bad at socialising haha TTvTT;

Also, please do not beg for points!

(BTW, please don't ask about old Open Species or line-art of mine, I don't care what you do with them. These questions are really annoying because the answer is always going to be the same: yes, do whatever you want with them)


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